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On January 29th, a team from SSA: UHSNET visited the village Nakapinyi outside of Mukono. In Nakapinyi we have worked together with the...
On January 28th, SSA: UHSNET organized a consultative workshop on the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) as it relates to the current state of...
On January 14 we visited one of our network organizations Our Lady of Charity Women's Group together with representatives from UN Women.These...
Watch the debate in the People's Parliament screened January 2nd regarding the issue of access to affordable housing for Uganda's poorer...
For the fourth year in a row SSA: UHSNET participated in World Aids Day to highlight the connection between inadequate housing and HIV/Aids....

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SSA/UHSNET mission is to “address issues and challenges affecting human settlements in Uganda, through advocacy, networking and information sharing".
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